Give your child a lifelong advantage,
thorough knowledge of English!

Our main aim is to provide your children an English-speaking environment and thus teach them to use English naturally - as their mother tongue.

Your child will take in English naturally and with ease.

When your child is between the 2 and 6 years old that is the right time for them to get to know and master another foreign language naturally. Throughout this period your little one can be said to be almost programmed to accept another language. That is also the reason why your child will seem to advance so quickly and effortlessly in English. The learning of a foreign language will thus become a stimulating and pleasant experience.

Research shows that children who can speak two languages are
better prepared for the future challenges of their education.

We teach using the world-known and proven Helen Doron Early English method

Helen Doron Early English is a unique and very successful system, used worldwide for over 25 years thanks to a special methodology, high-quality teaching resources, and qualified tutors.

The Helen Doron method is fully incorporated into the programme of English Kids Club. The children attend lessons of Helen Doron Early English with a qualified tutor. HD lessons as well as our whole concept are based on the child’s natural ability to absorb the language. Children will develop their English through experience and not through translating as is often the case. Lessons are very active and entertaining. The method is based on repeated listening of CD recordings, which occurs twice a day during calmer activities.

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