Our aim is to make use of the child’s potential to the maximum,
as dictated by the rule "use it or lose it!"

Scientific studies have proven that the most important brain development of your child occurs between its birth and 8 years of age.
Our aim at English Kids Club is to make use of this innate gift of your child and develop it further so that the irrevocable loss of this additional capacity (which will occur, should the child not make use of it) is prevented. Thanks to this the child will be well prepared for learning later on at school and throughout their lifetime.

We develop the child abilities in the following domains:

  • High-quality English teaching (Helen Doron Early English)
  • simple maths – expansion of mathematical imagination
  • encyclopaedic knowledge
  • development of logical thinking
  • reading stories fairy tales
  • artistic activity
  • Development of more subtle manual skills
  • Expansion of communication skills – the world is changing it is important to adapt, ideally from the very young age – the ability to summarize content, present in front of others
  • Development of healthy self-confidence
  • Development of creative thinking, imagination

We accept positively the differences between individuals, make use of their very uniqueness, and their own talents with regards to their own pace of work.

Our tutors attend to children actively at all times!

Apart from many common toys your children will find a range of didactic toys, specially designed to develop their personality and various abilities.

Register today! The maximum capacity is 16 places (2 groups). Subscribe for a free trial lesson and come to experience the friendly atmosphere of our English Kids Club!