• Anglická škôlka
  • So zámerom maximálne potenciál dieťaťa
  • Prvá v Žiline!
  • Dovoľte Vášmu dieťati odlíšiť sa v dave
  • Rozvinieme prirodzené schopnosti ranného veku

Love, fun, safety

Our aim is to make the children happy and looking forward to spending another day with us. In our kindergarten children come first!


We teach the child to use English naturally and with ease, we will start up his or her successful future.

Develop your child’s potential

We will develop the brain capacity of your baby and its ability to learn, which will come useful throughout his or her life

We are the very first nursery/kindergarten in Žilina, where the morning program for children is in English only.

We build on our experience with the Helen Doron Early English teaching method for children and we offer to parents to place their child into an English speaking, friendly environment every day for a longer period of time. We are open from Monday to Friday and from 7.30 AM to 5 PM. English Kids Club is not part of the official kindergartens system. That is why parents do not lose their eligibility for parental contribution from the state.